Roller with MS SQL 2k (Microsoft SQL Database)

January 7th, 2005

At work we are using Roller
for our internal blogging server. When doing the install, I opted to
use MS SQL 2k as the database instead of HSQLDB or MySQL because that's
what we use here. In order to get Roller up and running, I had to make
some changes.

Here are the changes required to run Roller with MS SQL 2k:

  1. edit the
    1. hibernate.dialect = net.sf.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect
    2. hibernate.query.substitutions TRUE=1 # use int values for boolean
    3. hibernate.query.substitutions FALSE=0 # use int values for boolean
  2. edit any prepared statements that use “limit” and change prepared statements to use 1/0 for true/false
    1. this occurs in these files
      1. org\roller\business\hibernate\
      2. org\roller\business\utils\
  3. edit the createdb.sql script
    1. use datetime instead of timestamp
    2. in the webpage table, set websiteid as a varchar(48) instead of varchar(255)
    3. remove the size values in the alter and create index statements
      1. e.g. “create index usercookie_username_index on usercookie( username );”
        instead of “create index usercookie_username_index on usercookie(
        username(40) );”

That's it (unless I forgot something, it was a while ago that I did
this), hope that it helps. I'll be posting more on Roller, blogging at
work, and reasons why Roller is cool (it rocks!) later.

update:  also see

January 4th, 2005

I‘ve just started using At first use, it‘s great! I‘ve added tracking now to most of my personal sites. The use of the service is free (you have option to upgrade and give them money if you‘d like (and, if I continue to be pleased with the site, I just might)). What puts it above other free counter sites (for me), is the ability to track multiple sites (projects) under the same account. So far, so good!