Why Blogging is better than personal websites of the 90s

I was talking with a friend about my new found interests in blogging
and they compared blogging to the early web filled with arcane personal
web pages.  Well, I feel that there are certainly similarities
(random people posting about random things, most of which, no one cares
about), but, I do feel that blogging is better than that.  Thus,
here are some of my reasons (in a quasi-order):

  1. Community
    1. I feel some of the real power of blogs comes from the
      communities that are formed and the networking connections that can be
      made.  E.g., bloggers who have been laid off (if their blog proves
      their tech skills) are given job leads in their blog comments. Conversation, dialogue and debate
  2. Syndication (standards)
    1. Syndication allows us to not have to go to every crap site to
      get our content.  We know when something Content can now come on
      our own terms–making it all the more accessible.
  3. Search
    1. With Google and the other search engines, the web has become much more
      manageable.  We can now find those random corners of the web that
      interest only us and the person who created the site.  Also, sites like
      Technorati specialize in allowing us to find that specific blogger who actually linked to one of your own posts.
  4. Publishing Tools
    1. It's just so easy to create a blog, and a nice, well designed
      blog (if you choose the right template) that doesn't have those crappy
      blinking smiley faces
  5. Continued Growth of the Web
    1. As the web gets bigger, more people are involved, more money is
      involved, better tools/sites are built and it's faster and more

There are plenty of other reasons, but these are some that first came
to mind.  It was an interesting thinking point to question the
validity of blogging.  Blogging is definitely catching on (I'm
doing it) and I believe there is still a ways to go.  It's sort of
like looking at old pictures and laughing about how we dressed in
previous decades — looking back at the websites we had and thinking —
ugh, did we really build that crap?  And of course we can't help
but wonder if we'll think the same thing in 5 years about the blogs of
today!  Anyway, blog on!