New Blog Strategy

I’m moving from roller@jroller onto a personal install of WordPress.

Here are some of my reasons for the move:

  1. I have my site fully hosted now (on dreamhost) and it’s a better branded presence (I am my own most important brand/product after all)
  2. jroller is great, and I LOVE roller weblogger (it was my first blogging platform, and will continue to be anytime I have multiple users and the ability to run java) — but, I don’t have java on my shared hosting and WordPress seems to be the PHP equivalent to Roller.
  3. I thought about Movable Type (MT) and tried the sample install, it was cool, but so was WordPress.
    1. MT provided multiple blogs and multiple users from one admin interface, which was tempting, but not tempting enough
  4. WordPress allows for static pages
    1. seems like a simple feature, but it allows me to have a poor man’s CMS and edit these static pages when I’m away from my FTP access

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Dreamhost –
shameless referal link, I know – but that’s one of the great benefits of dreamhost