What I need as a corporate Software Developer

After the events and frustrations of the day and comparing that with the ideal . . .
Creating Passionate Users
. . . here’s a list of what I need as a developer (as of this moment):

1. Basics/Mandatory

  • The basic tools required to get the job done.
  • One machine, Licenses for the software I have to use and a clear direction of what I have to do

2. Above and Beyond

  • Someone to learn from (someone more senior and more of a rockstar to guide and mentor me)
  • Training (books, conferences, classes – invest in me as an employee)
  • The uber-tools to do the job – a tablet pc! a lappy (laptop)! a dual-core sun workstation! always the latest versions of any software I could ever want!
  • Encouragement to go above and beyond – and Reward! (encourage me to do extra, refactor existing code, build a lucene based search engine to spider all our disparate intranets)
  • Reward and Recognition – rank me properly (and others properly too) – and tell everyone else in the company that I kick ass (assuming I actually do kick ass)
  • Respect – listen to and support me – allow me to be the expert!

It’s not about bonuses or salary (although they’re certainly nice), but instead it’s about fueling my passion for what I do and enabling that passion to be effectively channeled into business objectives.