Lazy Explanation of Blogging

I get asked about blogging quite a bit. i.e. What is blogging? How do I get started?

Here’s the short answer – if you’re more on the novice side of things (or just want simple no-fuss blogging) use Blogger. If you have your own (shared) hosting, and want one or two blogs, use WordPress. If you want to host several blogs for several people, use Roller Weblogger.

I could go on about what blogging is and why it’s so great, but other people have done that already (hence this is my lazy explanation). Here are some links to really get you started (and of course, I’m leaving out quite a bit).

Good overview/info on what blogs are:

Resources for finding blogs

Resources for reading blogs (rss aggregaters)

Resources for creating your own blogs

Resources for hosting your own blog

This is just the beginning. Read these and immerse yourself into the world of blogging! And maybe later I’ll do the non-lazy version of this post and add some detail, descriptions and in-depth recommendations.