Tivo HME SDK and Where's My TivoToGo?

I am eagerly awaiting TivoToGo to be rolled out to my box.  I
signed up on the priority list a while back, but no updates yet! 
I even ordered a DVD burner drive for my PC!

So, something I can do in the meantime is start using the SDK! 
Hopefully the TiVo user base can generate some great uses of the SDK
and help TiVo stay dominant in the DVR realm.  One of my
resolutions has been to do some open source coding this year and
actually contribute to something.  Since I LOVE my TiVo, this
seems to be a great opportunity to make good on my resolution!

Here are the links:
Tivo Home Media Edition SDK (http://tivohme.sourceforge.net/)
Java HMO (http://javahmo.sourceforge.net/)
Tivo ToGo (http://www.tivo.com/togo)
PVR Blog HME Area (http://hme.pvrblog.com/)