JAX-RPC SAAJ Memory Leak? JWSDP 1.4

I have identified what I think is a memory leak in the JWSDP 1.4, the
SOAP client implementation that I am using in an application at
work.  Doing a test of just repeatedly calling one method that
makes a simple call to the server, I am able to see with OptimizeIt
that over 100,000+ objects are being created in less than half an
hour.  The objects being created are:


These are all classes within the java web services pack.  It could
be that I?m not using the methods correctly, although, what I'm doing is a very simple client.

The oddest thing about this — I've found nothing online about
this!  Surely if this was really an issue with JWSDP 1.4 then it
would be well documented.  Am I just not supposed to be using the
JWSDP 1.4 on production systems?  I don't think that the work I'm
doing is that cutting-edge.  If this is really a memory leak
issue, then I'm surprised that it hasn't already been discovered.

Our solution is to just switch to using Axis.

Leave a comment if you know more about this, or if you just think I'm crazy!