reminderss alpha is live!

Announcing: reminderss – retro browsing for the rss reader era!

Last week I launched a small project – This is both a utility that I wanted for my own browsing and also a project to learn ruby on rails. If it’s something that I can use, chances are a few others can also use it.

reminderss is a utility for reminding you to browse sites the “old-fashioned way”. I do the majority (>= 90%) of my web browsing through my rss reader, which is amazing, but there are a handful of sites that either don’t have rss feeds or their rss feeds aren’t quite what I want to read. reminderss gives me an rss feed solution – I have a daily reminder to view (because their rss feed is too much data, and I want to at-a-glance scan the homepage for the big news items), a monthly reminder to view (my home-town news site, which doesn’t have an rss feed) and several other reminderss. The site is an alpha version, the basics are there, you can sign-up (with open-id) and create your own reminderss feed — but, there is still much to add, including lots of polish and performance. Please try it out!

I had fun building it, and I’m very excited to now have a solution for my “what to do about sites that don’t have rss” problem.