Note Pass available in the AppStore

My first iPhone application, Note Pass, is available in the iTunes App Store. It is a very, very basic application, about 5 lines of code, that was inspired by Quicksilver’s Large Type feature. All it does is show whatever you type in large, white text on a black background. (It’s free, you can’t charge for 5 lines of code, unless they’re very elegant (mine are not))

One of the biggest joys of development is seeing your application used in ways you didn’t imagine. Since Note Pass is very basic, it lends itself well to alternate uses. The first intended use was for boring meetings — type your note, hold up your iPhone, get your colleagues attention and then hilarity ensues. Probably my favorite alternate use is from shadowstorm – Spin the NotePass! Other alternate uses are to note pass in a noisy bar to get the bartender’s attention (or someone else’s attention) and also notepassing to communicate with someone on the phone (when you can’t speak).

Now I need to stop procrastinating and actually put some elegant code into the next version.

Note Pass (iTunes Store Link)